YOU CAN BE THE BANK and finance real estate transactions with your IRA and other investment accounts.

You can buy and sell real estate using retirement investment accounts which can include the following types of accounts: SEP IRA, Simple IRA, Health Savings Account (HSA), Coverdell ESA, Individual 401k, Checkbook control IRA LLC, Limited liability corporations (LLC), S corporations, trusts and partnerships.

Can your IRA buy real estate?

Buying real estate using your self directed IRA or 401k. How does the process work and who is elgible to buy real estate with an IRA?
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Types of real estate to buy

Your self directed IRA can purchase any type of real estate including single family, multi unit, apartments, commercial or land.
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What does self directed mean?

As an investor you should play an active role in choosing and managing your investment. Learn how to work with a Self-Directed company.
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Self directed companies

Who are the self directed IRA / 401(k) management companies? See a list of the top self directed IRA management companies.
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What are the rules to IRA investing?

The rules for purchasing real estate within a self-directed investment account is very clear, however, it is very important to stay clear of prohibited transactions.
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Moving money to a self-directed account

What types of accounts or plans can be rolled over to one or more self directed accounts?
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What is real estate coaching and how does it work? Learn about coaching from a veteran that has been "in the trenches" since 1985.
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Who is Alan Faitel?

Alan is the principal of YCBTB and owner of several other companies, a veteran that has been "in the trenches" since 1985.
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With decades of experience in real estate investing, the coaches at You Can Be the Bank help investors minimize risk when buying real estate using self directed accounts. Since 1985 You Can Be the Bank has completed deals on hundreds of properties and have analyzed thousands more.

Our services assist the average investor to utilize their own self directed IRA or 401k to invest in secure private mortgages, without the need for years of personal education in the real estate investment field.

"You Can Be the Bank provides clients with coaching to invest, and be successful in real estate."
-It really is that easy

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