What others are saying about Alan Faitel and You Can Be the Bank

Hi, my name is Mark Z, Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams.  Alan hires us to sell most of his homes.  Buyers love their houses, they are always move-in ready, done with quality workmanship, granite counter tops, maple or cherry cabinets, ceramic tile throughout.  They don’t make the mistakes that most novice investors make because Alan is a numbers guy.  Working with Alan you know you’re in good hands.  We sell his houses in 30 days or less at 98% of list price most of the time.  All of his partners are always happy.  It’s all about relationships, Alan knows the right people from buying to fixing up to selling.  I highly suggest calling and working with Alan.”


“My name is Don Huddleston, I am a real estate broker and insurance agent. I’ve known Alan for over 17 years.  We’ve done many successful transactions during this time and I can tell you, Alan is a man of his word and always follows through on his commitments.  I would highly recommend Alan for any endeavor.”


“Hi my name is Rob Gross, I am a Real Estate Attorney.  I’ve known Alan for 15 years.  I’ve always found Alan to be forthright, a real go getter, always a sense of urgency as far as moving forward with different transactions, but at the same time always being extremely ethical and very confident with about everything he does.  Haven’t heard a bad word about him from anyone whatsoever and that’s a good thing especially in the world we live in and especially in the real estate market.”


I am Hahn Brown.  I am a local investor in southeastern Michigan.  I know Alan Faitel through the local REIA meeting and I have worked on a few projects with him.  Alan has successfully bought and sold over a few hundred single family homes throughout southeastern Michigan. He is trusted and he is respected by his colleagues.  He is a person of few words but whatever he says, he does and he does what he says… Real Estate is his passion and he is a professional. Alan has a really strong team that is instrumental to the success of your investment.  I think that once you work with Alan Faitel and see the positive results, you will recommend your friends and family as well.  I trust Alan and would recommend for you to work with him.”


“Hi, I’m Kristen from Novi, MI.  I have known and worked with Alan for 2 ½ years.  He has helped me reach my financial goals faster than any bank would.  I knew that investing in real estate was the fastest way to financial freedom and Al has made that come true… It’s an easy and secure process with big returns.  I can’t recommend Al and his investment success enough, you won’t be disappointed.”

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